About Vallarta

Heaven looks like this – Nestled between the jungle-covered Sierra Madre Mountains and the sheltered waters of Banderas Bay on the western coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most diverse beach vacation destinations in the world.

Situated on Banderas Bay (the Bay of Flags) one of the Pacific Ocean’s largest natural bays, Puerto Vallarta is a favorite vacation destination for almost everyone who has glimpsed its golden shores.

If you are lucky enough to arrive to Vallarta by cruise ship, be sure to include us as part of your shore excursion in paradise. Los Veranos Canopy Tour has a wide variety of tours to accommodate all shore excursions while you are in port. You can zip-line through the jungle, lunch in an an award-winning restaurant and relax on the beach watching a beautiful sunset well before your shore excursion in Puerto Vallarta comes to an end. Tropically perfect weather conditions, rugged mountains, dense jungles and warm, blue waters provide lots of opportunity for a wide variety of tours and outdoor activities. At the same time, resort accommodations, outstanding restaurants and world-class shopping offer a cosmopolitan flair.

Visitors will find that it is easy to get around in Puerto Vallarta. Buses run frequently, the fare is $6.5 pesos (about 50 cents) and there’s much to see. Narrow cobblestone streets lined with handmade adobe-brick houses, family restaurants, and open-air markets commingle with modern communities featuring up-to-date infrastructure, luxury homes, gourmet restaurants and contemporary shopping malls.

The city also boasts good drinking water, safe streets, friendly locals, and an overwhelming sense of welcoming. So no matter what your interests are, Puerto Vallarta will delight, enchant and entertain you throughout your entire vacation.