Nothing feels better after a day of zip lining at Los Veranos Canopy Tour than to jump into the fresh, cool water of the Orquideas River.  Or maybe take a slide in on one of the water slides that are built into our restaurant alongside the river.  But no matter how you get in the water, you won’t be the only one swimming there.

One of the most delicious fish in the world, the snook, is found near the mouth of the Orquideas, making it a favorite spot for local fishermen.  Because snook are so delicious in other parts of the world, like Florida, they are a protected species, but here in Vallarta they’re plentiful, so those fishermen willing to make the trek through the jungle to catch them end up with a great dinner made even better with a little lime juice, salt and maybe a cold beer to reward their hard work.

Another fish found in the Orquideas River are freshwater snappers.  These guys like to swim near the bottom of the river and are related to some of the snappers that maybe you’ve seen in aquariums, only our snappers can grow up to over 3 feet in length.

Speaking of feet, are you starting to feel a little nervous that your toes may get nibbled while you’re swimming at the Los Veranos river beach?  Don’t worry, our fish are timid and are more concerned about you eating them than the other way around.  So grab on to the rope swing and jump into the water knowing that the biodiversity of the Puerto Vallarta jungle is above you in the trees and below you in the water.

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