Plants of the Puerto Vallarta Jungle - Vanilla Vines

Getting out in the jungle around Puerto Vallarta is like heading into an intense world of biodiversity.  Even if your idea of gardening is watering your Chia Pet, the awesome variety of colors, sizes, types of flowers and plant life you’ll see in the jungles of the Sierra Madre mountain region is still pretty impressive.

If you head out on the Los Veranos Canopy Tour, you’ll probably be surprised by how interesting the kinds of plants that you’ll find really are.  Like Capomo trees which produce…get this…decaffeinated coffee!  I don’t remember Juan Valdez ever mentioning that.    You’ll also see tons of orchids which are considered the sexiest flower on earth, famous for their powers of pollination.

You’ll also see bamboo plants, rubber trees, the weirdly named Strangler Figs, palm trees and vanilla vines.  Coconuts, mangos, guavas and avocados are all found in the Puerto Vallarta jungle which can make some nice photo ops or, better yet, a pretty tasty lunch.

Plants of the Puerto Vallarta Jungle

Plants of the Puerto Vallarta Jungle - Strangler Fig

And, of course, you’re not talking Mexico if you’re not talking Tequila, and Puerto Vallarta’s state, Jalisco, is actually the birthplace of Tequila (as if you needed another reason to go), and you can see agaves, the plants from which tequila is made, growing wild in the jungle of the Sierra Madre.  They’re actually a pretty huge plant but just the middle, pineapple-sized section is harvested for Tequila.

Blue Agave Plants

Blue Agave - Tequila Cactus

The Los Veranos Canopy Tour gives you a birds-eye view of the biodiversity in the jungle so you can check out all of these varieties of plant life but a lot more.

Check out our Hiking Trail after your zip lining adventure and discover the beautiful plants of the jungle.