Squirrel MonkeyMono Ardilla

One of the most fun stops at the Los Veranos Canopy Tour in Puerto Vallarta is our Animal House where you can get acquainted with some of our furry, primate friends who been born in captivity, given love, respect and regular veterinary care and who love visitors.

Our Squirrel Monkeys are native to Central and Southern America.  They have short olive and pale orange fur on their bodies and white ears and throat with a black mouth.  One strange thing about these little creatures is that the females have a pseudo-penis and whichever female has the biggest one, is the leader of the females, although there is no proof that Squirrel Monkeys have ever read the works of Sigmund Freud.

Marmoset Monkeys, also native to South American, are active and mischievous little guys.  They are highly co-operative and share food among the group, although a little thievery is known to go on and tolerated.  The Marmosets are the original Mr. Mom of Monkeys because the adult males are expected to help take care of the babies in the group, including babies that aren’t their own.

Then we have the Tiki Monkeys, also known as Titi Monkeys, who are the romantic ones in the bunch.  The Tiki prefers monogamous families, with the mother and the father living with their baby until it is around 3 years of age.

The trained and professional staff at Los Veranos Canopy Tour in Puerto Vallarta can help you get to know our monkey friends and give you more information about these happy little creatures.