Mango Margarita at Los Veranos

What’s the best way to end off a day exploring the Puerto Vallarta jungle at Los Veranos Canopy Tour?  With a cold, refreshing mango margaritafrom our restaurant!

Mango is grown locally around Puerto Vallarta and the sweet fruit plays perfectly against the tang of lime in a margarita, and fresh mango gives the best possible flavor and texture to your mango margarita.

And what’s the most important part of a margarita?  Of course that’s tequila, which is also a product of Puerto Vallarta’s state of Jalisco.  Tequila is classified in five ways, blanco, oro, reposado, añejo and extra añejo based on how long it is aged.  And any bartender will tell you that a tequila blanco (sometimes called silver tequila) or oro (often called gold tequila) is the perfect thing for a great margarita, while more aged tequilas are best left for sipping.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?  Want the recipe?  Well, I’m afraid the Los Veranos mango margarita is a trade secret that you’ll just have to come and try for yourself.  We promise it’s worth the trip!

The best way to end your day at Los Vernanos Canopy Tour is with a delicious mango margarita from our restaurant.