At Los Veranos, we’re dedicated to protecting the delicate jungle eco-system and after spending a day surrounded by the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta you’ll probably feel the same way. So what can you do to help with jungle conservation? It starts by recognizing that protecting the environment is a global challenge and by making little changes at home, you join the effort to affect change worldwide. Here’s how to start:

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle: By now, there is no excuse for not practicing the three R’s of conservation. It’s as simple as avoiding disposable products like plastic bags and bottles and recycling paper, glass and aluminum cans.

Use Energy Efficient Products: Using energy efficient products not only helps the environment, but you’ll see real savings on your household electricity bill. By choosing compact florescent bulbs and energy efficient home appliances, you’ll be making a huge contribution to global conservation.

Park Your Car: Walking and biking instead of driving are not only great for the environment, they’re great for your health. And taking mass public transit saves you money on gas, parking and wear and tear on your vehicle. Try to incorporate drive-free days into your lifestyle.

Tell A Friend: Encourage others to adapt an environmentally friendly lifestyle and support local programs and policies conservation conscious.

If we all join together and commit to these little changes daily at home, we can make big changes globally in protecting the environment worldwide.

Picture taken from Flickr
by: ccharmo