Speedy Gonzalez at Los Veranos

Who didn’t watch Looney Toons when they were a kid? Everybody grew up watching Speedy Gonzalez, that little mouse with the big sombrero always saying “Arriba, arriba! Andale, andale!”

When you were a kid, you probably didn’t know that his catchphrase translates to “Up, up! Let’s go, hurry!” But when you know that and remember that Speedy is famous for being the fastest mouse in all of Mexico it makes total sense that one of the zip lines at Los Veranos Canopy Tour is called the “Speedy Gonzalez”.

Poor Speedy had a bit of controversy in the late 1990’s because some people thought that he wasn’t a “good representation”…of mice or of Latin culture. I’m not really sure…but as one Speedy Gonzalez fan recently said “Speedy is positive. He’s smart and good-natured and as quick-witted as his is fast-footed. Who could argue with that?” Good point.

But political correctness aside, there’s one thing that any man or mouse can agree on and that’s the awesome adrenaline rush you get flying down the Speedy Gonzalez zip line at Los Veranos watching the jungle flash by below you. You’d have to be Looney Toons to miss this wild adventure when you’re in Puerto Vallarta!