River Fun at Los Veranos Canopy Tour

The beautiful Orquideas River, alongside our restaurant is strewn with boulders and cascades that create perfect “pocket pools” for swimming. The water slides, built into our restaurant provide the perfect platform for showing off. We have a rope swing also for more daring individuals and giant boulders that capture the sun’s rays and offer a toasty warm place to lounge and relax alongside the river.

Our sandy river beach provides kids with the perfect environment for swimming, building a sandcastle, or wading in the water to observe pollywogs, minnows and other fascinating river life. If you know someone too young (or too timid) to participate in the Canopy Tour, we welcome you to bring them along and enjoy our river beach, animal house and hiking trail. There is no charge to use our facilities with exception to partaking in our Spectator Only Transportation.

Be sure to include any “Non-Canopy Tour Participants using our  transportation” when making your reservation. Be sure to bring your swimsuit, a towel, insect repellent and your SPF to enjoy some refreshing river fun after your Canopy Tour. We have lockers to hold your things while you are on the tour or using our facilities. Keep in mind, in the summer months, the river may not be ideal for swimming due to the rough current after hard tropical rains.